Artist Spotlight: Artful Rose

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Artist Spotlight: Artful Rose

 Artful Rose creates beautiful abstract paintings that relish in color that make you want to dive right in. She is a FYP resident artist and each series she brings incredible work that translates so well into leggings and blankets especially.


We asked her to share some details about the inspiration behind her art, her process, how she creates and more in our artist spotlight. 

(Blue Collide by Artful Rose)

Tell us about your history with art.

I work on my art on a very part time basis. I hope for the day that I will be able to work on it full time. I'm a self taught artist.

What was a defining moment for you with your art?

My defining moment is when I had an opportunity to meet an artist that I had followed and always wanted to meet. I got an invite to the art gallery and was very excited to meet her and maybe get to talk to her. Well at this showing I was able to get up close to her and ask questions, she made me feel like I could do this to. All I had to do was believe in my self.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from many things other artist, outdoors, colors and just getting my hands on the paint or mediums.

What music (if any) do you listen to while you create?

I listen to all different types of music I love Sade and Tupac and Santana, electronic music.

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Pink Collide by ArtfulRose
(Pink Collide by Artful Rose)

What made you decide to make art your main focus?

I haven't made art my main focus but, look forward for that day.

What other types of artwork do you create?

Other types of art work I guess I do is decorating and floral arrangements and interior design.

How does your art play a role in the world around you? How would you like your art to effect the world around you?

I would like my art to effect the world around my by simply giving people a beautiful piece of art full of beautiful colors that you can't take your eyes off of just because of the colors.

What is the future of your art?

I would say is that I just simply get to do it and that I get to share it all over.

Why do you do what you do?

I do it because I love it and I can't really understand why I do it because it's not always fluid or fun. Sometimes it is very difficult. But, I still love it!

(Pink & Purple Collide Leggings by Artful Rose)
Pink Collide Leggings - Artful Rose

How has your practice changed over time?

My practice has changed over time by using different techniques and mediums.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is to get my art into places like restoration hardware or other similar galleries. My dream project is to work on large canvas because it is very difficult to work on large pieces.

Most inspirational place you have been?

Any art gallery or art museum.

What art do you most identify with?

I mostly identify with modern art or contemporary.

Where can others contact you?

(Blue Collide Blanket by Artful Rose)

Blue Collide Blanket - Artful Rose x Find Your Pulse

We are very grateful to have Artful Rose as part of the FYP family. Thank you for all you create.

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