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Podcast, The Artist Road -

"Cultivating a higher state of being is the intention behind the Noble Arts Project. "    This was such a fantastic conversation with the artist Noble Arts Project (Chris), and we really go into so many great areas of topic. This episode is definitely longer than most, but we really didn't want to stop talking or hearing what Noble Arts had to say.    Noble Arts Project has developed his skills as a painter in a very short time, constantly evolving and growing as an artist. His pieces demand attention and require many moment of gazing and getting lost in...

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Infatue, Lil Fresh Sam, Podcast, The Artist Road -

"The Artist Road" Episode 5 featuring our conversation with Samantha Aragon aka LILFRESHSAM of INFATUÉ Recorded at Abraxas Studio in Denver, CO Featuring music from: Fonzie Pries William Sam is the definition of making a choice about your life and going after it full force. She has grown and built a fantastic brand around herself and her art.

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Artist Spotlight, Music Series, Podcast -

In this Episode we meet back up with Lucas Zhao (www.lucaszhaophoto.com) from the first time we tried to record with him a few months back. At the time it was our first recording and our setup was a bit Frankenstein and certain parts did not turn out without a LOT of editing, so we decided to scrap it and do a round 2 and this one was a great conversation about his recent travels, we dive into some theories and philosophies as well as many other topics. 

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